THE FOOD SEEN 053017: "Eat This Poem" with Nicole Gulotta


On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we substitute prose for poetic form, enkindled by Nicole Gulotta's blog, now book, "Eat This Poem", praising food in meter and verse. Hear how inspired instructions from Food Network stars like the Barefoot Contessa, prompted Gulotta to put together a collection of poems, and complimentary recipes, that will have you baking blueberry muffins during holiday, foraging mushrooms for Truffle Risotto with Chanterelles, and consider all the parts of a potato pre-compost. Even "A Pot of White Beans" can conjure up pebbles on a shore; transporting and tasty, these balladries will fill your pantry with relish and great enjoyment. 


Eat This Poem cover.jpg

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