THE FOOD SEEN 061119: Chloe’s Fruit

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, motherhood may have been mother of invention for Chloe Epstein, a lifelong froyo fanatic, and former Assistant District Attorney. It was Epstein’s sweet tooth that lead her to conceive Chloe’s Fruit, a frozen treat company focusing on real fruit blended with nothing more than water and cane sugar. Her signature pops are in over 13,000 stores around the nation, with core flavors like raspberry, blueberry and pomegranate that aren’t just for kids anymore. Enjoy a cold-pressed coffee collaboration with La Colombe, or a banana pop dipped in dairy-free dark chocolate, and see what it means to chill out with Chloe’s Fruit!

Chloe's Fruit pop.jpg
Chloe Epstein Chloe's Fruit 2.jpg
Chloe's Fruit boxes.jpg

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