THE FOOD SEEN 070919: Lazarus Lynch, Son of a Southern Chef

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Lazarus Lynch, may have started Son of a Southern Chef as a living relic to his late father’s fish fry restaurant in Queens, but it somehow morphed into a fabulous modern soul food bible. The product of Alabama roots and a Guyanese mom, Lynch is an amalgam of his upbringing, yet a character all his own! A graduate of New York City’s Food and Finance High School, Lynch took his culinary comprehension to create an awareness that reaches far past food; into fashion, music, the queer community. That said, his a strong presence on screen (Food Network’s Comfort Nation) and social media delivers a common message: #makeitgravy, which is truly all-encompassing, like Lynch himself.

Cover photo by    Anisha Sisodia

Cover photo by Anisha Sisodia

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