THE FOOD SEEN 092419: Gaijin cookbook with Ivan Orkin and Chris Ying

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Ivan Orkin is a lifelong gaijin (outsider), or is he? A Long Islander with Jewish roots, found his place/people in Tokyo, became a ramen master, moved himself and his restaurant back to New York City, and still sometimes feels like a foreigner. Well, The Gaijin Cookbook, co-authored with Chris Ying, aims to address all that, and make you “Eat More Japanese”, and be “Open To Anything” in the way the Japanese really are. From teriyaki to sukiyaki, okonomiyaki to temaki parties, Orkin hopes to bring his brand of “gaijin cuisine” to prominence, from his home to yours.

Gaijin cookbook cover by Ivan Orkin and Chris Ying.jpg
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