THE FOOD SEEN 0921617: Soli Zardosht, Persianesque


On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Soli Zardosht captivates us with stories of her Iranian upbringing, and Persianesque cooking. With years as a menswear fashion designer, her critical eye brings creativity to the plate, reinventing the form of classic dishes like Kookoo Sabzi, a green herb frittata, Kufte Tabriz, a fruit & nut filled meatball, and the epic centerpiece, Tahdig, a crispy rice casserole that’s inverted onto a platter with a signature “flip”. It’s certainly about the food, but more so, the presentation of herself, and her heritage’s cuisine, in a new light, that’s bright and beaming, in efforts of bringing the warm glow of Persian culture to the world.

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