THE FOOD SEEN 070219: Charles Bieler’s rosé road trip!

On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, Charles Bieler bleeds rosé. His father Philippe founded Chateau Routas in Provence, France, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Charles found his place in the wine world. Behind the wheel of a pink Cadillac convertible, Charles drove across America spreading the doctrine of drinking rosé, and as part of this dogma, decided to not pit Old World versus New World. Rather, Charles cultivated rosé’s unique relationship to all, regions and wine drinkers alike, and thus Bieler Family Wines was born. This year, Charles went on the 20th anniversary ride of his original #RoséRoadTrip, and though his pink caddy found its demise in Detroit, Charles still sees the world through rosé colored glasses.

Charles Bieler rosé road trip 1.jpg
*photos by    James Joiner

*photos by James Joiner

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