The next SUMO STEW is in San Francisco!

January 17th & 18th, 2018

For tickets & more info:


*Sumo painting by Taisan Tanaka,

*Sumo painting by Taisan Tanaka,




Wednesday, January 17th, 2018, 6:30-9:30PM

Thursday, January 18th, 2018, 6:30-9:30PM

@ Magnolia Brewing Company’s Smokestack location in the Dogpatch (2505 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107)


SUMO STEW (#SUMOSTEW) returns for two days to San Francisco! Inspired by a trip to Japan, photographer Michael Harlan Turkell ( returned to New York City with aspirations of importing this ancient sport and teamed up with Harry Rosenblum, owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen (, a wonderfully multi-faceted center for culinary education. The two created a series based around plentiful bowls of chankonabe, the “sumo stew” wrestlers prepare and eat before matches. The hearty broth is loaded with fortifying protein and vegetables. This, paired with the live streamed bimonthly grand tournaments, makes for a lively event, bringing hungry first time and long-standing sumo fans ringside.


This round of SUMO STEW will feature a chankonabe made by Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Duna, their new restaurant which makes classic peasant food with noble ingredients.


Every guest will also get a special bento box, composed of Japanese-inspired dishes from our favorite local chefs, (subject to change):


·       Mixed Mushrooms Tsukemono (pickles) by Asian Box,

·       Soft Tofu, Dill, Shirasu, Ponzu by Onsen,

·       Vegetable Tan Tan Noodle with Bean Sprouts, Cilantro, Almonds by Pabu,

·       Miso Pork Belly Onigiri (rice balls) by Temaki Party,


Our hosts at Magnolia Brewing Company have been brewing in San Francisco since 1997 and expanded to their Dogpatch location in 2014. They specialize in balanced, sessionable beers, many with a pronounced English influence, thanks to extensive use of heirloom Maris Otter malts. They’ll have a selection of draft beer on tap including longtime favorites, Kalifornia Kölsch, Blue Bell Bitter and Proving Ground IPA, as well as seasonal and limited release beers.


Nikka Whisky, the outstanding distillery that set off the Japanese whisky movement when founded by Masataka Taketsuru in 1934 will provide bottles of their acclaimed Nikka Coffey Grain which will be served in a signature cocktail created by TBA.


Also pouring will be Mizu Shochu, a producer of Japanese shochu in Arita, Japan. Made from fermented barley and black koji, the refreshingly smooth 70-proof spirit will be offered neat or on ice with a slice of cucumber.


We’ll have plenty of sake from Sequoia Sake Company, the first local artisan sake microbrewery in San Francisco. Their sake is a junmai which puts to use only four simple ingredients: water (from the glacier-carved Yosemite water-shed), rice (grown in the Sacramento Valley), heirloom koji and native sake yeast. The Sequoia brand is the first “real-nama” made in California and only local draft sake in the Bay Area.


Ito En, global leaders in green tea and innovative beverages, will be showcasing their Oi Ocha, Japan’s #1 selling bottled green tea, and award-winning matcha LOVE.


And if all that’s not enough, we’ll end with a special mochi dessert from Mochidoki.


We’ll also have selection of Japanese vendors selling their wares, including:

- The Japanese Pantry, artisanal Japanese ingredients,


It wouldn’t be a sumo party without tenugui, traditional hand dyed Japanese cotton towels from our good friend Ruri Kippenbrock of Wuhao New York.


Tickets and information:

(Must be 21+ to attend)


*The $75 ticket grants each participant a bento box, bowls of chankonabe (while supplies last), and two drink tickets to be used for a taste of sake, shochu or whisky– and round after round of sumo.

Beer and additional drinks will be available for purchase.


**A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Japan Society,



Michael Harlan Turkell,, 646.808.4159

Harry Rosenblum,, 718.389.2982



Sun Noodle, ramen noodles,

Hodo Soy, tofu, *yuba,

The Japanese Pantry, pantry ingredients (e.g. soy sauce, sesame oil/paste/seeds, rice vinegar, kombu),

Koda Farms, rice,

Cream Co., meat,

Mycopia, mushrooms,

Kayanoya, dashi,

Breville / Trimark USA, Control Freak induction burners, /


*Yuba: A Kyoto delicacy, fresh yuba is rare even in Asia. Nutty, sweet and with a distinctive bite that is firm yet chewy, yuba is the thin veil that forms on the surface of heated soymilk as the cream and protein rise to the surface. Sometimes known as tofu skin, these greatly prized sheets are harvested by hand, and Hodo Soy is the only organic, fresh yuba maker in the United States. 

Past SUMO STEW participants


New York City:



Birds & Bubbles / City Grit


En Japanese Brasserie

Ganso Yaki

Hakata Tonton


Ivan Ramen


Kuma Inn

Moku Moku


Ramen Burger

Salt + Charcoal

Samurai Papa

Shalom Japan


The Brooklyn Star

The Crimson Sparrow

The Finch

Uma Temakeria

Village Yokocho

Yakitori by Neal



San Francisco, CA:


Liholiho Yacht Club



Pabu Izakaya


Robin (née The Starling)


State Bird Provisions


Washington, DC:


Kaz Sushi Bistro

Keepwell Vinegar

The Red Hen

Toki Underground



Nikka Whisky cocktails:

Jeff Bell from PDT, Please Don’t Tell

Jesse Selvagn, Bar Otsukare

Kevin Diedrich, Pacific Cocktail Haven

Masa Urishido, Saxon + Parole

Scott Baird, Trick Dog




Brooklyn Brewery

Magnolia Brewery Company

Right Proper Brewery



Brooklyn Kura

Domaine Select Wine & Spirits

Kuramoto US


Sake Discoveries

Sake Journeys

Sake Tengoku


Sequoia Sake Company

Vine Connections




Ippodo Tea Co.

Ito En

Tea Dealers



Francis Any of Pinoy Heritage

Patisserie Tomoko

Buttercream Bakeshop



Kaede, kimono, yukata

Nama Ya, ceramics by Yuko Sato

Sennari Vinegar, with Nancy Singleton Hachisu

The Japanese Pantry, spices and sauces 

Wuhao NYC, tenugui, traditional Japanese cotton cloths

Yamaki Jozo Soy Sauce



18 Reasons, kitchen space, volunteers

Breville, Control Freak induction burners

Bi-Rite Market, produce

Happy Valley Meat Co., beef

Hodo Soy, tofu, yuba

Island Creek Oyster Bar, oysters

Pocky, biscuit snacks 

Regalis Foods, ikura (fish roe)

Sun Noodle, ramen